I had the opportunity to visit LSI. It was my first experience visiting a Call Center. I was amazed at how professional and positive the support staff at LSI was. We had a chance to sit in with a couple LSI representatives and listen to their calls. The customer service was fantastic. They made it seem flawless, the way they could flow from one call to the next, always with a smile in their voice. This will be a great opportunity for our Bank and more importantly for our clients, to be able to reach out to someone when they need support.
— Jamie Carlson, At Your Service Manager, Park Bank, Madison, WI

How Banks Use LSI

No matter what type of business, there are times that you can't attend to your customer. Whether it is a peak in volume, an employee calling in sick, or it is after business hours - there are moments your customer needs to contact your bank but there isn't anyone available. This isn't acceptable by 2015's customer service standards. This is exactly how banks utilize LSI's human support services. Open around-the-clock 363 days a year, LSI acts as hundreds of financial institutions extended branch. When all of your internal agents are busy, or your customer has an issue on a Sunday night, LSI's highly trained agents (7-10 weeks in the classroom) are always available to represent the bank and resolve any inquiry that the bank empowers them to. 

Customer Service Support

LSI's Customer Service Support is designed to be able to help your bank's customers after-hours or anytime they are waiting on hold at the bank during normal business hours. Leveraging proprietary technology, LSI's agents answer in the name of the bank, and have the ability to answer and resolve any traditional inquiry you receive at the bank on a regular basis. Learn more by clicking here

Consumer Lending Support

There are a few different ways LSI supports the bank's lending operation. LSI originates over 50,000 consumer loan applications (including 1003s) per month coming through the telephone, internet, and indirect (dealer broadcast) channels. If you are looking to start or grow your retail business, find out more by clicking here

Contact Solutions

While trying to grow any area of your business, LSI's Contact Solutions service can be of help by introducing your customer base to your new, improved products and services. LSI can make outbound and take inbound calls regarding direct mail campaigns, marketing and advertising, etc. If you want to learn more, click here

Mortgage Processing Support

Trying to grow your mortgage portfolio can be expensive, especially if you are just getting started. LSI's backroom processing support allows the bank to pay on a per file basis and not hire internally until the volume expected is confirmed. Learn more


LSI's Collection Services are different than your typical agency. The bank decides what time the calls are made and the frequency of calls, and LSI will quote what it will cost. There is no contingency fee included. At LSI you are able to "rent an experienced collector". 


LSI Statistics

  • Established in 1994
  • Over 5 million loans originated and processed. 
  • Field over 125,000 customer services calls a month. 
  • Over 400 employees
  • 300+ financial institution partners